Jarrett Clark - Motorsport Dreams
Jarrett Clark - Motorsport Dreams


New chassis, new team and new track!

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Jarrett ends this year with a new team, a new chassis at a new track! Last week saw Jarrett travel to southern Italy to compete in the final round of the WSK Euro Series. This was his first time to race in Naples, and the track is the most physically demanding of all the tracks. Not only did he need to get used to a new kart and team, he needed to learn to deal with bumps and oscillation of the Naples track.

With the season drawing to a close races between now and the end of year are used to train for the beginning of the new season in 2024. For Jarrett this round of WSK was an opportunity to get used to a new team and a new track.

In qualifying Jarrett was 10th fastest in his group and 20th overall, which was slightly disappointing, but understandable at the same time.

In the heats Jarrett finished 6th, 11th and 15th, which qualified him 19th overall and starting 10th in the superheats.

The superheat was probably Jarrett’s best race of the event, where after an initially slow start which saw him drop back to 13th, he picked up pace to eventually finish 8th. He also set purple sector (fastest) times. That meant Jarrett started the final in 16th, but finished 21st. Not Jarrett’s best race weekend, but flashes of potential for what he can achieve at Forza.

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