Jarrett Clark - Motorsport Dreams
Jarrett Clark - Motorsport Dreams


More improvement - and knocking on the door of the finals

We returned to Rodby for the third time to compete in Round 3 of the FIA European Karting Championship.

The race weekend got off to a not ideal start, qualifying 46th fastest. He was in a very tough qualification group. Once again the difference between a top 10 qualification and 46th was 2 tenths of a second.

Heat results were generally good, and usually making up places in the race. Even more excitingly Jarrett was putting in purple (fastest on track) lap and sector times.

Despite a challenging quali and having to fight in brutal mid pack battles, Jarrett had a real chance of making the final.

However in his final heat, the two karts in front of Jarrett locked wheels, which slowed them dramatically. This caused Jarrett to hit them, which gave him a nose cone penalty and additional (in our view unfair) 5 second penalty. These penalties stopped him from making the final. But racing against the best in the world, and being able to put up fastest laps puts Jarrett firmly on the right track!

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