Jarrett Clark - Motorsport Dreams
Jarrett Clark - Motorsport Dreams


Success is motorsport is as much about money as talent

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Motorsport is expensive. Almost every aspect of it cost money. The vast majority of drivers are paying to race, and even if the cost of the kart is being covered by a team, travel costs will still absorb a large amount of money. While for many athletes, their sporting career ends when they are cut from an elite team, in karting, careers end when the money runs out. From a long term planning perspective, we focus not only on Jarrett becoming a better driver, but also how he can be the best possible asset for potential sponsors. This newsletter is to allow supporters and potential sponsors to see Jarrett’s story from the beginning, and in the future to allow potential teams to understand his journey and development.

For these reasons, we will be turning on paid option for this newsletter at £10 a month. This would show your support and belief in Jarrett. If you want to sponsor more, then you are welcome to. In fact any amount is welcome, and we can offer a number things in return. For example:

  1. Merchandise

  1. Corporate presentations

  1. A race event with Jarrett

While this may feel insignificant, planning and working on sponsorship is vital of a motorsport career.

Thank you!

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