Jarrett Clark - Motorsport Dreams
Jarrett Clark - Motorsport Dreams


The Steel Ring at Trinec in the Czech Republic will be hosting the next round of the European Karting Championship. We have come to test the with our team as this is a new track for everyone.

Jarrett travelled to the Czech Republic to test the host track of the second round of the European Karting Championship - the Steel Ring in Trinec, Czech Republic. Trinec is one of the most dramatically located tracks I have seen. Set in the forested hills of the Czech Republic, and right next to the industrial areas of Trinec.

This picture above shows the industrial side of Trinec, but when we just turn to left just a bit, we can see the beauty of the Czech Republic.

I am often asked what speeds Jarrett does when karting. Top speed is 130km/h, but even on a very twisty track like this, the average speed is still over 110km/h. Every driver has a mycron on their steering wheel that tells them their speed and lap times. Jarrett in his first time at the track notched up a respectable lap time

Some of you have wondered how we get our equipment moved around Europe. Jarrett’s team has a large truck that transports all the equipment from place to place. Below you can see the truck and the team karts all lined up.

We have a couple more days here in Trinec, and then we will be back for the warm up event, Champions of the Future, and then a couple weeks after that the European Championship. More updates to follow.

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