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Jarrett Clark - Motorsport Dreams


Good racing, but small errors in qualification cost Jarrett dearly

Jarrett returned to the Czech Republic, and the dramatic Steel Ring, a track only built in 2017, and situated next to one of the largest steel mills in Europe. Jarrett was competing in round 2 of the Champions of the Future.

Quali was very close. All the drivers are looking to save their tyes, and try and get a drafting advantage, so even though there is 6 minutes for qualification, most drivers do not go on track until there is less than 3 minutes, which gives them only three laps to set a time. Jarrett drove well, and caught up to the driver in front of him, and then overtook him, but this cost him time, and only 1/10 of second cost him 8 places.

This meant he started his heats in 19th position, and with relatively narrow track and limited places for overtaking, would make overtaking difficult. Jarrett started with little luck in the heats, being hit off on the first lap and having to recover from the back of the field to finish 22nd.

However, in one heat, he was able to get himself up to 8th, and able to hold this position despite huge pressure from other more experienced drivers. A phenomenal drive that shows real improvement. Jarrett again qualified for the pre-final, but not for the final. But this weekend shows he gaining pace and experience, and has him set up to perhaps shake things up in Trinec in two weeks time for the FIA European Championship round.

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